Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Shower Cake Obsession


I'm planning a baby shower in a few weeks and while surfing the net to get inspired, I came across the most adorable cake I think I've ever laid eyes on. I had to share it with everyone right away! The theme of the shower is now inspired by and designed around the pictures you see!

I read in Elegant Bride something that really agrees with me.

"Do you remember the scene from " Father of The Bride " when Annie is asked to choose the cake first, before anything else- It makes me believe that the cake really is a window into the soul of a wedding" E-I-C Elegant Bride

The only difference for me is that I find this to be true of any event you design. A cake and its style speak a million words for the people who chose it. So get inspired by yourself and make a statement with your cake at your next party!

If your having a baby shower or throwing one for one of your girlfriends, keep this pic in your favorites and have a "Pregnant Lady Shower"! I absolutely adore it.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Marions Nous Show

Hi everyone!

This past weekend, Principal Planner was at the Marions Nous show and we got really great reviews from everyone that came by our booth. We are very excited about this upcoming year and have already started to book up quickly! We have some really unique changes happening to our company in the coming months and will update you on all the fun stuff shortly. Here are some photos of our set-up at the show.

All Flowers and Stationary displayed in pictures are created by Principal Planners amazing team! We would be thrilled to collaborate with you in bringing together a unique event that will keep your guests talking for years to come!

Thanks again for all the great comments! For all service inquiries please email us at info@principalplanner.com or call us at 514.884.3418 to book your spot! Looking forward to hearing from all of you!!