Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Planner turns Bride!

So here's a little exciting news... I am now newly engaged! Very happy, excited and a little nervous. It's funny how the tables turn and now I need someone to whisper sweet nothings into my ear to calm me down. :) I have exactly 339 days to go until the big day and I am all geared up and ready to plan!

I thought it would be fun to keep you updated every step of the way and let you watch the planning of my wedding unfold step by step! This will also act as the sequel to the last blog where we practiced how to stay calm and remember the bigger picture which is that the wedding is great, but the days to come are most important so stressing out over the details isn't necessary.

So let's take off where we left off. "He proposed, I'm composed, Now what?"
Well now we insure the ring. Many couples forget this very important step. You MUST insure the rock you are sporting ladies!Take a look at this great article from the knot that explains all the details:

Now is the fun part where you sit and think about the feel of the wedding. What have you always envisioned? Maybe you'd like a clean cut wedding with no fuss in an open space or rather an extravagant affair with all the frills in a beautiful ballroom. Start thinking of the style and overall theme if you would, of the day. I have decided that for myself it will be a modern twist on the Renaissance era. Reminiscent of that time, i will use deep blues and whites to create a royal feel to the event. You want this day to be a reflection of you and your groom, so dedicate some time to this process and jot all of your ideas down. Once you brainstorm and find the feel, you'll just know and think... that's so me!

Remember, this step will act as the platform to all of the activities and details to come, so think hard and commit to something that you will both love!

Have fun and stay tuned to the next entry which will be dedicated to the budget! Don't let your budget discourage any of your ideas! Everything can be done on a smaller scale or a little less detailed. This is your day and you'll get what you want to!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Congratulations from us all!

So he poped the question and you said yes. Now the planning begins and this can be quite overwhelming. With a simple click of your mouse, the internet world, though you think will simplify your life, makes it even more confusing. Magazines, self-planner books, celebrity styles, trends...There are a million sites out there, even more books and enormous amounts of ideas for this and that! So what's a bride to do? To begin, breathe and remember that you are the happiest girl in the world and you have finally found your one and only. This in itself is all you need. The wedding, although an important day, is not what will make your marriage. Focus on all the great things you have with your significant other and everytime you feel you may step off the edge with all the details, step back, breathe and remember... you found the one and you are happy. The day will pass, leaving amazing memories, but more importantly your future together is just beginning.

If all else fails, call up your wedding planner and she'll recite this whole speech over and over. ;) So next time, your mother tells you that you must invite uncle Buck who you never even knew exsisted or the venue you had your eye on is booked, brush it off your shoulder and smile. This day will be perfect no matter what.

Stay tuned for, "He proposed, I'm composed, Now what?" Tips on how to put together the big day with little stress and lots of fun. Step one through 1000. :) Are you overwhelmed yet? Breathe...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Re-defining the Bachelor Party

Guys this is for you!Think of great ways to spend your last hours as a bachelor without doing the same old. Today's grooms are letting go of past "traditions" and spending quality time with their best men. It could be a camping trip, a golf getaway, the options are endless. For the basketball lovers (and this can be applied to any sport!), set up a tournament with the works. Hire a referee, get your score boards up, refreshments everything down to the custom jersey's to make this day with your best buds one to be remembered. After a long day of play, indulge in all your favorite barbecue dishes. For the real modern man, after a great day with the boys, hit up a lounge and join the ladies. It is becoming very trendy to have a joint stag/stagette. For more tips on how to create a really great and innovative bachelor party, check out: