Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Montreal Real Wedding: Justin And Nancy

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So... we started off the year with a wedding that is very close to my heart. When I first met Justin and Nancy... well... it was love at first sight. Literally, the actual sight of this couple made my heart skip a beat. By now, if you read this thing, you know that they are the quirky couple with amazing style. Their vintage inspired wedding was just last weekend and I cannot wait to share all the great images from the day. For now, here's a little sneak peak of one table. {every one was a little different, but equally adorable!} PS: you really should have seen the scene at the dessert table reveal. Their guests went Paparazzi on it and it was definitely a sight to see. Ahhhh.. definitely a Night to remember ;)
Congrats, Justin and Nancy!!!!!!

  Photo: Monique Simone Photography
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Montreal Wedding Planner: First Photoshoot

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As you know, the new site is going to be launched in a short few weeks and as I'm going through all my images, I came  across a few that brought me way back. {And put a smile on my face}

Let me tell you something. When I first started my company in 2007, I was told by my 'mentor' that I was not ready, too young, not experienced... basically I was told that it wasn't a good idea. I remember that was tough to hear, but the truth is, we all have those moments in our life that we one day look back at. They make us stronger and actually push us to build mountains to climb. My advice to anyone thinking of taking a leap of faith (whether business related or personal), block out the noise and build a sea of mountains. Nothing of worth is easy to attain, so roll up your sleeves and just go for it.

The point of this post isn't to announce that I am the next Tony Robbins, but rather to share another little tidbit about myself. When I took that leap, I thought to myself... what about a portfolio? How am I going to sell myself? Easy. I'll make one. I set up my very first photoshoot to show my future clients what I was capable of. Obviously, looking back, I'm like Woah... change this, change that, oh god what were you thinking with this colour or that In hindsight, it was quite great for my first time at it and since, I have become a bit obsessed with creative shoots. Over the years I have had opportunities to work along some of the industries finest, but this shoot, will forever be my most memorable. I thought I'd share a couple of pictures with you.  (circa 2007)

So here you go and for all the haters... hate on. We're doing quite fine I'd say.  ;)
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Montreal Sweet Tables: Sneak Peek

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I feel like I've been avoiding you. Mainly because I don't want to spill all the beans on the many projects we have in the works. Trying to keep my mouth zipped, which means, I'm literally in the closet every night with a wrap around my mouth JUST to stay away from the temptation! Tonight's one of those nights where I have obviously fallen off the wagon. 

I love sharing great new things with all you stylish brides and grooms so here we go. A little sneak peek into the new world of Principal Planner. As you may know, I have a serious addiction to sweets and gorgeous sweet tables. Long after the days where this 'fad' drops off {like cupcake towers}, I will still love nothing more than one of these beautifully manicured bad boys! As a dessert table stylist, I think ALL couples should be able to afford a gorgeous, show stopping sweets spread. That is why Sucré was born. High style dessert dessert tables for the couple who want to cut the cake in style. (AND who don't want to spend a million dollars to get it!)  ;) Check out this brand new design. {just a mini preview-can't let it all out just yet}

(Cakes: Luisa Galuppo)
(Cookies: L&V Sweets)
(Design and Styling: Principal Planner)

New site is set to launch in a few short weeks! Stay tuned!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For the Out of Town Brides...

Hi Hi people,

I've been talking about my website re-design so much, I want to take a minute to formally tell myself to zip it! Let's talk about something else for a second... how about the weather? the royal wedding? the upcoming wedding season? NO NO and NO! Let's talk about out of towners who choose to get married in Montreal. 

I'm always a bit bummed for the couples who don't live here while we plan their big day. Far away and usually swamped with work, it's hard to make them feel as if they are completely part of the whole process. I had to put a stop to all the madness, so I decided that I would set up photoshoots for certain design elements throughout the process for them. Why? Simply put... I'm visual. SO visual, that I just can't imagine how others do things without actually mocking them up. It also allows my clients (who most often are just as visual), to really get what's being created for them. Another reaction they get is EXCITEMENT! I always get the holy S**t's when we send them these fancy pics. Once that's done, they get actual samples to feel and touch... it makes things fun. 

Exhibit A: Tatyana and Chris 
Two hard working professionals, living in NYC, who needed us to take care of every last detail. They almost literally fell off their seats when they saw their 'garden' wedding design come to life. Countdown is on for this amazing wedding. Wanna see how we wow our clients? Take a look:

Photo Credits: Monique Simone Photography

Principal Planner doesn't just plan the details leading up to the day, we create an experience that will last for a lifetime and we make sure you laugh all the way to your I do's. Call to book your experience today. We are now booking 2012 slots in both Montreal and Toronto.

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