Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Montreal Wedding: Amelie and Daniel

Hi Hi,

August 20th was craaaaaaazy. We had two gorgeous weddings and I'm excited to share one of them with you tonight. Amelie and Daniel came to us with a modern + clean vision for their big day. The only problem was that they had booked a venue that was ALLLLL wrong. After explaining the importance of the event space to them- they trusted us and moved their dream wedding to the Scena in Old Montreal. This is a decision these two love birds will never regret. Simple and perfect centerpieces from the girls over at O.xide Design, Stationary by Chandelier Blanc, Cookie Favours by L&V Sweets and my awesome team made this wedding everything A+D had ever wanted.

Principal Planner created a beautifully detailed wedding to fit them perfectly. 
Secrets from the planning process: Daniel had a soft spot for our sweet tables. He wanted one created for them that would really wow their guests so we really BROUGHT it for him. The night went on without a single hitch and we are proud to have been there every step of the way. Congratulations go out to both of you. Here are some details pics of the night taken by Monique Simone Photography.

For pictures of the beautiful dessert table we designed for them- check out our facebook fan page!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Montreal Dessert Table Rentals

Ladies and gentlemen, 

Montreal is lacking in a few departments. One of them is rentals of cake stands and dessert table props. Its a shame when you pay hundreds of dollars for a gorgeous wedding cake, only to have it sitting on a table resting on a measly little cake board.... don't even get me started on those silver bases. (ugh) I'm done people. 

For years now I have been buying stands, plates and beautiful props. A room full of pretty things and the boyfriend is starting to wonder about me. So I started to think- every wedding deserves beautiful details and now you have somewhere to go get them. In a few weeks we will be launching our new rentals. You will be able to order and have shipped to your events. Sweet tables and cakes will never be the same. Montreal- you are about to get even prettier. 

Photo credit: Monique Simone Photography
Stay tuned for "Principal Planner Rents" 
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Montreal Dessert Table: Amelie & Daniel

Hi everyone!

Saturday Principal Planner had two beautiful weddings. Our team was split between The Scena + The Loft Hotel. { both gorgeous venues}
Today I spent the day sleeping, but when I woke up {at 4pm}, my bff Monique Simone Photography had already dropped some gorgeous pictures into our folder. What a way to wrap up my insanely busy weekend. Here's a preview of the sweet table we did for them. Full blog post + pics of the ceremony + reception to come. A BIG thank you to my incredible team who pulled this weekend off without a hitch. (applaud)

A xo

photos: monique simone photography
design: principal planner {azar jazestani events}
Dessert Table: Sucré by Principal Planner
Cakes: Sophie Sucrée 
Stationary: Chandelier Blanc

Monday, August 8, 2011

Loft Hotel Wedding: Ashley + Ben

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What day is it?? Lately, the lack of sleep has made it hard to pin point what day of the week it is. I'm kidding (not really). :p

Even with the sleep deprivation, swollen feet and massive headaches, a couple of things are for sure. There is nothing more fulfilling in this world to me than to see my clients get married. Seeing them all dolled up on the big day never seizes to send me into the ugly cry. That's number one- but a close second is  their eyes when they walk into their reception... (my fav part). Months of hard work, all the details pulled together, lights on, candles lit. Its an amazing feeling that I can't quite explain. A few weeks ago we had the serious pleasure of taking part in Ashley + Ben's wedding. A couple I met last year and whom I fell in love with immediately. Not only are they ridiculously good looking, they are sweet as pie. I'm sad that the planning is over now and that they are moving on with their lives. :'(, but we will never forget each other or the incredible day we had on July 23rd, 2011 at the Loft Hotel.

This year, I have not only found amazing clients, I also made a few new friends. Two of which literally live a few blocks away from my house. Bartek and Magda are two of a kind. It is really not everyday that you meet people who are down to earth, funny as hell, giving, caring... what other descriptive words can I throw in here?! A power photo couple, these two are so perfect for each other. If I were planning their 2nd wedding, I'd even let them have 'perfect pear' salt and pepper shaker favors. (never, would i ever do that, but you know where I'm going with this) I love them. Take a look at these amazing pictures of Ashley and Ben's big day.

A xo
Picture below: Two signs we had waitstaff hold up on the mini walk guests had to take to get to the cocktail hour. 
For a slideshow of the day and the amazing photobooth, check out:  {we had McDonald's for midnight buffet- you heard me??? awesome}

Photographers: Bartek and Magda
Location: Loft Hotel
Design and Planning: Principal Planner {Azar Jazestani Events}
Flowers: Fleurs Des Jardins
Ceremony Canopy: The Canopy Company
Ceremony Flower Balls: Luluthia
Stationary: Chandelier Blanc
Lighting/Draping: Kostar