Monday, April 5, 2010

Sucré Dessert Tables Designed by Principal Planner

Hi Hi,

We have designed an exclusive line of desserts with our friends over at Dolci Piu for all you Montrealers who are looking for something different. The recent trends in Dessert Styling have hit events everywhere and Montreal seems to have been left in the wind...SO... I decided it was time to offer a service that was both visually appealing and tasty! We will be offering adorable bit sized cake pops, candy apples, specialty candies, macarons, cupcakes, mousses, truffles... SO MUCH! (FYI: I'm gonna need to hit the gym ASAP!)

The best part of the whole deal is that you can ACTUALLY afford it! We didnt't want to simply do a glamorous photoshoot with the most expensive vendors around. We appreciate and adore our local sweets artists, however, we also understand that most specialized vendors cannot handle supplying the quantities needed for such a service... at a rate that would please both the vendor and the client. We needed a one stop shop that could work with realistic budgets and who's desserts were so tasty that I now need Jenny Craig!  

Call us for more information on prices (514.884.3418 or email at :
Visit our Site for more pictures of our Sucré Dessert Tables!

 Principal Planner clients are offered free Dessert Table Styling as part of their packages (Unfortunately, we do not offer Kosher Desserts at this time)

Contributors: Designer- Principal Planner, Stationary-Chandelier Blanc, Desserts- Dolci Piu, Flowers-Lotus Designs, Photo credits-Monique Simone Photography