Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Helloooo Bride Scouts!

Hi Hi,

It is official! There's a new blog on the block and it goes by the name Bride Scouts. As mentioned in my last couple of posts ;), I have ventured into project number 1 million and will now be writing daily posts about Canadian Weddings. We'll be featuring some of Canada's best vendors and stylish weddings as well as providing brides with inspirations to use for their own weddings.

We have been live since yesterday, and we're overwhelmed with the love that we have received through comments and emails! We've gotten compliments from some of the best in the business and the feature submissions have been flying in like crazy! 

Here are the bride scouts! Monique (www.moniquephoto.com) and myself! Let's not forget Samantha who has been helping us and is our resident Love Stories Scout. :)

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of this project and to the amazing vendors who have shown such immense interest. We are working hard to create a platform you will grow to be proud of in your home towns across the country.

please visit our site and subscribe today! :) www.bridescouts.com

I heart you all.

xoxo A

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So what.. Who cares!

Hi Hi,

As you may have recently read, I have joined forces with Miss Monique Simone for a fun project. We will be writing a daily blog for all you wedding intrigued peeps and look forward to hearing what you think of it. That project launches March 29th.

The Principal Planner blog is a place where I will post new weddings and event pics as they come in. So if you'd like to follow our most recent weddings, you'll find them here as of May 2010 when we officially kick off Weddings'10!

For anyone who is out there. You may have just stumbled upon my site, you may be a client, a friend, a fan.. whoever... thanks for visiting. Why do I have a blog? real simple: Sometimes I have something to say to the world. Most times wedding related, sometimes completely random.

Recently I came across a post that caught my attention so I thought i'd write a little somethin somethin. It was about blogging. The message was loud and clear. Basically, Publish or Perish. Here's my response to that:

Focus your blog posts on positive and interesting reads/finds/original ideas. It is not necessary to write every day nor is it possible for most busy people. If you are sitting at your desk and writing away daily... you either blog as a full-time job, just have a whole lot to say or you are simply posting for the sake of a new post + blog activity.

My take is:
Write when you feel inspired and never because its a must. All these fun internet toys (blogs, facebook, twitter..) weren't created to impose a million rules upon its users, but rather allow us all to connect, speak out and have fun. Don't take everything too seriously. Do what you love, say what you want and you will succeed.

xoxo A

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bride Scouts- A New Canadian Wedding Blog

Hi Everyone!

As a wedding Planner in Canada, I literally live and breathe all things wedding. I meet with many different couples, vendors and colleagues who are equally in love with this whole world. One thing that I have found is that Canada is lacking in power when it comes to online and off-line wedding inspiration. Our friends in the USA have an overwhelming number of wedding blogs, websites and talent, that it makes you think... Does Canada have just as much talent or is it a must to go south of the border to find the best. Well, I know for a fact that we are equally talented, innovative and hungry. Our artists, photographers, videographers, designers and bridal couturiers are simply lacking in one department...THE PLATFORMS to showcase all their immense talent. Where there are countless magazines and blogs in the US, Canada only has a handful.

We at Principal Planner, along with our good friend Monique (Monique Simone Photography) have decided to jump on board with the few and create an amazing blog where Canadian vendors can show off their craft and Canadian Brides can explore what their country has to offer them. We will also be showcasing a few amazing finds from around the world, but the majority of our content will be MADE IN CANADA ;)

The Blog is called Bride Scouts and we are tagging it 'The Trendsetting Bridal Manifesto for the Wedding Obsessed'. We are addicted to what we see right here in Canada on a day to day and we hope you'll tune in and pick up our addiction. The blog will be up and running March 27th.

xoxo -A