Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tag Line. We have one!

Hi Hi,

Tidbit about me time!!! For years I have had a weird fetish for great advertising! I can sing a million random jingles, recite commercial lines and remember brand tag lines like nobody's business! Here are two of my favorites:

'Wait 'til we get our Haines on you' {you know it! sing it to yourself} SOOOO genius! 

'Shut the front door' {this is a new one from a new cookie commercial... the woman reacts by saying this after she tastes a delicious cookie- frankly I LOL'ed for 5 minutes straight when I heard it}

So what, who cares? well my point is that....just like Nike has JUST DO IT, or MacDonald's has I'M LOVIN IT and Maybeline has MAYBE SHE'S BORN WITH IT... I figured, it would only make sense that Principal Planner had one too. I thought it out and here it is. Our new tag line is very fitting for what to expect when hiring us

That's all for tonight. Gnite peeps.
A xo

A new Day, A new Look

Hi Hi!

I'm BACK! Usually I don't grace you with two posts in two days, but i really cannot contain myself. The new logo is all done and I want to introduce it to the world! First of all, the man behind this design is a seriously talented graphic designer. Right off the bat when you meet Justin, you can tell just how cool he is from the clothes he sports.

I have the pleasure of designing his wedding {in May} and getting to know him and his  awesome Fiance, Nancy. Next week we will be posting the wedding invitation that Justin designed for his big day on bride Scouts blog. If you don't see the crazy talent from my new logo, make sure to check out Bride Scouts to see how wicked this guy is. I can't EVEN wait for their wedding that will be insanely detailed and simply beautiful!

Without further ado... My Designer, playful, VERY me, new logo:
 I hope you love it as much as I do! A huge thank you goes out to Justin Kok for taking my crazy inspiration boards, ideas and vision and turning them into this picture of perfection! I can’t stop looking at it. Perhaps I’ll get it tattooed somewhere.... perhaps I won’t go that far, but I DO love it. 

A xo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A new Logo? WHY NOT?!

Hi Hi,

The first miracle of the day is that I am writing this blog while most people living in my time zone are still awake. Usually these things happen at 3am over at Principal Planner. So high five for writing at a decent time! The second miracle is that I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of sleep deprivation! High five on that end too!

Today's topic is about my brand new logo. Some people would say that you should never change your  logo. Be consistent. Something about awareness and retention... blah blah blah. I SAY: people change, businesses evolve and if you feel like you are in a transition... run with it. {another point- I'm not Coca Cola so i really don't think it matters all that much :p}

This is precisely what is happening behind closed doors over here. Although we love our look right now, I feel it is not fully representative of the image we want to portray. If you follow our blogs or know me personally, you are aware by now that Principal Planner's number one approach is playful! After-all, we are in the business of planning parties! Why shouldn't we focus on making the planning process a fun and easy one for our clients?!

Our new logo {being designed by one of our incredibly talented grooms}, is shaping up to be the perfect fit! I can't wait to show you!! (just a few more days until the reveal)

Hope you are somewhere smiling! (the weather is way to nice to have a frown on)
A xo

Monday, April 4, 2011

Principal Planner's newest name tweak!

Hi Hi,

With wedding season around the corner, I really wonder about myself sometimes. At the very moment when things are about to get insane, I decide- how about we:

A: flip our house {seriously do not try this at home!!!!}
B: embark on a series of creatives {ok this is my fav thing.. not gonna lie}
C: change our whole website {the time had really come for it!}

YUP! all of the above and pretty much all with the same deadline. June 1st. Soooo, can we do it? Here's hoping YES. 

I'm not letting any secrets out of the bag just yet, but one thing I will say is that our name -Principal Planner- is getting a little tweak as well. Before I say it, let me explain:

Growing up with a name like Azar has not been easy. Sure if I lived in Iran, it would be common, but here in good old Canada.. not so much. NO ONE says it properly, but over the year's I have learned to  just respond to pretty much anything with an A, R, Z and sometimes even Y in it. When I started my company back in '07, I named it Principal Planner to avoid any confusion. Now that the year's have gone by and peeps are starting to get familiar with us, I've decided, It's time to step out of the shadow and put my name out there for the world to see. So The new Principal Planner will be:

Principal Planner
Azar Jazestani Events

I sit here KNOWING that many of you are reading this at home and pronouncing it wrong!! Oh well.  lol. FYI: Azar means flame in farsi. Well... actually the little sparks that fly out of a fire. ooh la la!
 *Another little tidbit: My father originally wanted to name me Azarakhsh. {seriously-go try pronouncing that one! :S}

A xo
{I guess I should start signing off Azar??? NAH!}