Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tag Line. We have one!

Hi Hi,

Tidbit about me time!!! For years I have had a weird fetish for great advertising! I can sing a million random jingles, recite commercial lines and remember brand tag lines like nobody's business! Here are two of my favorites:

'Wait 'til we get our Haines on you' {you know it! sing it to yourself} SOOOO genius! 

'Shut the front door' {this is a new one from a new cookie commercial... the woman reacts by saying this after she tastes a delicious cookie- frankly I LOL'ed for 5 minutes straight when I heard it}

So what, who cares? well my point is that....just like Nike has JUST DO IT, or MacDonald's has I'M LOVIN IT and Maybeline has MAYBE SHE'S BORN WITH IT... I figured, it would only make sense that Principal Planner had one too. I thought it out and here it is. Our new tag line is very fitting for what to expect when hiring us

That's all for tonight. Gnite peeps.
A xo

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