Thursday, April 14, 2011

A new Day, A new Look

Hi Hi!

I'm BACK! Usually I don't grace you with two posts in two days, but i really cannot contain myself. The new logo is all done and I want to introduce it to the world! First of all, the man behind this design is a seriously talented graphic designer. Right off the bat when you meet Justin, you can tell just how cool he is from the clothes he sports.

I have the pleasure of designing his wedding {in May} and getting to know him and his  awesome Fiance, Nancy. Next week we will be posting the wedding invitation that Justin designed for his big day on bride Scouts blog. If you don't see the crazy talent from my new logo, make sure to check out Bride Scouts to see how wicked this guy is. I can't EVEN wait for their wedding that will be insanely detailed and simply beautiful!

Without further ado... My Designer, playful, VERY me, new logo:
 I hope you love it as much as I do! A huge thank you goes out to Justin Kok for taking my crazy inspiration boards, ideas and vision and turning them into this picture of perfection! I can’t stop looking at it. Perhaps I’ll get it tattooed somewhere.... perhaps I won’t go that far, but I DO love it. 

A xo

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