Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Montreal Dessert Table Rentals

Ladies and gentlemen, 

Montreal is lacking in a few departments. One of them is rentals of cake stands and dessert table props. Its a shame when you pay hundreds of dollars for a gorgeous wedding cake, only to have it sitting on a table resting on a measly little cake board.... don't even get me started on those silver bases. (ugh) I'm done people. 

For years now I have been buying stands, plates and beautiful props. A room full of pretty things and the boyfriend is starting to wonder about me. So I started to think- every wedding deserves beautiful details and now you have somewhere to go get them. In a few weeks we will be launching our new rentals. You will be able to order and have shipped to your events. Sweet tables and cakes will never be the same. Montreal- you are about to get even prettier. 

Photo credit: Monique Simone Photography
Stay tuned for "Principal Planner Rents" 
A xo

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