Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Re-defining the Bachelor Party

Guys this is for you!Think of great ways to spend your last hours as a bachelor without doing the same old. Today's grooms are letting go of past "traditions" and spending quality time with their best men. It could be a camping trip, a golf getaway, the options are endless. For the basketball lovers (and this can be applied to any sport!), set up a tournament with the works. Hire a referee, get your score boards up, refreshments everything down to the custom jersey's to make this day with your best buds one to be remembered. After a long day of play, indulge in all your favorite barbecue dishes. For the real modern man, after a great day with the boys, hit up a lounge and join the ladies. It is becoming very trendy to have a joint stag/stagette. For more tips on how to create a really great and innovative bachelor party, check out:

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