Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Principal Planner Favorites: Hot Floral Idea

Principal Planner's March Must Have Item.

Calling the edgy bride!

I do a lot of internet browsing, reading, research about the hottest trends even looking back a few years to see what can be brought back to the front line with a new twist. Today I was looking around and came across this great website that specializes in clay florals!! It sounds a bit strange, but if your eyes haven't already been drawn to the playful pics below, you will see how unpredictably gorgeous these arrangements are.

If you are looking for something edgy and different, opt for some clay florals to get your guests guessing and curious to know if they are real, what they're made of and where they can get some for their next affair! Click on the Title of the post to be directed to the website where you can purchase your bouquet, favor details, centerpieces and more!

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