Friday, May 1, 2009

Invitation Nightmare!

When you're getting married, one major thing you work on with your designer is the invitations that will be sent to your guests. Obvious. Ok, next, you go over all the wording with your stationary designer. You can choose from an array of pre-written texts, go traditional, modern, draft your own... What you absolutely CANNOT do is write the following at the very bottom of the invite:

Cash Gifts Preferred...

Simply reading those three words as I was typing them made me cringe. Some of you may think, who would do that... Well ladies and gents, my mother has been invited to a wedding this summer and she wanted to show me how pretty the invitation was. As I looked over it, I thought it was very pretty... then the above mentioned nightmare occurred. I could stress the importance of leaving this information out, but I wouldn't know where to stop. So RULE: Don't mention anything about gifts, let alone, cash specific requests.

If you are getting married and would like to receive cash, the best way in my opinion is to spread the word amongst your parents, bridal party and closest family members. We all have microwaves and dishes already and you may really just want cold hard cash, however, remember that gifts should be appreciated not be expected.

*click on the title to be directed to the site where I found this great image as well as more tips on how to get those cash gifts you want. :)


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