Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Out with the old... In with the new!

Ever since the candy bar craze has hit events everywhere, we have gone crazy for them. Everything from gourmet jelly beans, color co-ordinated M&M's, lollipops and more have been spotted. It is quite simple that guests enjoy seeing a great candy display and satisfying that sweet tooth. So... Now that we have done all that, why not move forward and put a little twist into the good old candy buffet. Being Iranian, I grew up eating Pashmak (Persian Fairy Floss) which can somewhat we compared to Cotton Candy. The texture of Persian Fairy Floss is very silky and almost resembles wool. It can be displayed rather beautifully and your guests will be thrilled at the exhilerating taste and delicacy. Also, consider offering your guest Turkish Delights that come in an array of colors and flavors that will have everyone talking. Another suggestion would be to place some gourmet marshmallows in there for the look (they are amazing) and of course the very interesting flavours. I suggest looking beyond the "usual" candy bar stock and offering a unique experience to the taste buds!

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