Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yo MTL: Can't we all just be friends??

It's me again!

Ok so here's what's up this week.  A few weeks back, for reasons we will keep unsaid, I was feeling a little steam coming out of my ears and pretty sure,  my nose too! Sooo, since i was sitting on the couch at my good friend Elyna Kudish's loft, a sudden thought came to mind
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We decided to embark on a creative project together. Not for anything, but to prove that we can all just be friends after all. Competition is good until it is no longer healthy. Not every move is about how much money it will bring in or 'up- ing' your competition. Sometimes, we can do things, simply because they are fun!

Don't get me wrong. We're hardly sipping on mojitos over at Principal Planner and Unity Weddings ! (elyna's event planning company). Things are craaaaazy busy, BUT, we couldn't help ourselves.

Monday morning, we'll be shooting an amazing design. A design concept which is simply put, a coming together of two distinctively different signature styles. Two designers, lots of coffee, quite a bit of pasta, some markers, paper and hours later... what did we come up with?? oh... stay tuned.

ps: The freaking amazing and almost happily married Davina + Daniel will be shooting.
I can hardly contain myself!!

A xo

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