Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Principal Planner Interns

To all aspiring wedding planners,

We run a crazy little company where everyday, we plan weddings & things! Against popular belief that we are 'like Jlo' in the painfully bad, but totally addictive movie, The Wedding Planner, we do have a pretty wicked job. Every year we expand and so our team gets a bit bigger. Our 2011 wedding lineup is fab and to ensure smooth operation, we are calling on all of you.
We are looking for fun, passionate, go-getting fashionistas to jump on board. Soooo, drop us a line and send your CV's to (Subject: Bad Ass Internship)

A xo

* (flexible schedule required)
These are UNPAID internships- for hands-on experience only!
Assist in preparing production elements for future events.
Requirements: Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel a must. 
Knowing all of Microsoft office is a plus. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

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